GEE-PEE-ESS: Further Preparation

We’re gearing up! I’ve got my list of drivers that I’m going to ask to participate in my user testing and I think for this round, I will go the simple route and do remote testing. Given that the coronavirus is still running rampant, this is also probably the safer option.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that user testing is my least favorite part of the design process. I understand how important it is and do actually moderately enjoy looking for patterns in the data that comes back, but if someone else can do the actual testing and then just bring me back the data to look at, that would be ideal.

Since, however, this world is not ideal, I shall decide upon a testing method. Thinking back to my time in bootcamp, I recall that giving users tasks to complete and asking them specific questions often yields the best data. This however is a special circumstance since these users will already have a deep knowledge of this app and will simply be exploring this new function that I am proposing so my questions and testing method may have to be tweaked slightly from what I have done in the past.

It’s important to plan before conducting user testing, so I shall pull up the test plan template that I used during bootcamp. I shall try to write as explicitly as possible. What would I want to see from someone like me if I was in a position of power at Amazon?

Purpose: My purpose in this user testing is to ascertain the general interest of drivers in an addition to the Flex app that will allow them to locate the bathroom closest to their current location.

Testing Objectives: Figure out whether drivers other than myself would find this function useful or if this will even be a useful addition after the coronavirus is more under control and social distancing requirements are lifted.

User Profile: Target audience will be current Amazon drivers that perform 10 hour shifts. Amazon Flex drivers will not be contacted. These users will already have a deep knowledge of the app and its capabilities.

Methodology/Task List: This will be a remote test. A Zoom room will be the most desired method of communication, but as the users contacted are all in different timezones, email will serve as a backup. Questions proposed to users will include:

“Do you find this function useful?”

“Would you use this function during your route?”

“What problems could you see arising from this function?”

“Given your knowledge of this app, could you see any technical issues arising?”

“How do you feel about the pin setting method for registering a new bathroom?”

Users will be given the screens and asked to ‘find a bathroom.’ Users will then be given the task of ‘register a new bathroom.’ Session will close with the questions featured above.

Environment/Equipment: Testing will be done in user’s homes on a mobile phone since the Flex app is used on a mobile device.

I have contacted five individual drivers about giving feedback as of writing this, so we shall see what happens when the responses come in.

More to come!